2007 Boys Alex Fatovic
2006 Boys Alex Fatovic
2005 Boys Chris Bohach
2004 Boys Dan Smee
2003 Boys Alex Fatovic
2002 Boys Petsa Ivanovic
2001 Boys Daniel Smee


2007 Girls Shinya Turley
2006 Girls Cameron Fuqua
2005 Girls Kim D'Angelo
2004 Girls Ivey Nucelli
2003 Girls Erika Duncan
2002 Girls Erika Duncan
2001/2000 Girls Kevin Long


The Player Development Committee is a six-person committee made up of senior members of the club solely focused on making group decisions in the best interest of the players and WVFC. We understand that every team, player, and situation has unique characteristics that make most decisions a case-by-case basis. Through collaboration between coaches, the PDC and parents, WVFC is confident in its process for determining the direction of soccer-related issues and concerns. WVFC is also confident the six members of the PDC will make informed, abstract, and objective decisions. The PDC meet on a monthly basis to plan, prepare, and resolve any issues relating to players as well as plan for upcoming events and other situations that may arise. If you would like to bring something to the PDC's attention do not hesitate to contact one the PDC via this email:


The Board of Directors for WVFC ("BOD") is a body of elected or appointed members of the Club who jointly oversee the organization activities. Each position within the BOD is elected annually by the membership for two-year terms. To help promote stability and consistency, the Club has two Class' of Directors whose terms are staggered every other year. Board seats consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, At-Large (2), and an elected representative from the Player Development Committee.

In general, the Club's BOD is comprised of a fair representation of the membership. An effort is continually made to ensure that equal representation from the Academy (Boys/Girls) and Travel (Boys/Girls) is achieved as well as geographic considerations. The Club enjoys a wide footprint that spans the I-64 corridor east of Charleston to the west of Huntington. Additionally, with a large membership, the Club looks to draw on the personal and professional strengths of its members to serve in appropriate positions.

The BOD of WVFC meets in person at least once a month. All of the meetings are conducted in an open session and are available to any of its members or invited guests to attend. It is commonplace for the BOD to conduct business through teleconference or emails between meetings should time-sensitive needs arise.


Randall Coleman

Vise President

Michael Rudge

Coaching Representative

Mark Conley


Executive Director

Alex Fatovic

Girl's Coordinator

Petsa Ivanovic

Boy's Coordinator

Alex Fatovic

Club Administrator

Travis Callihan

Academy Director

Kimberly D'Angelo