The philosophy of the WVFC Academy is to give our young soccer players, boys and girls ages 8 to 11, the best possible developmental opportunity in preparation for the rest of their soccer experience. The WVFC Academy program staff focuses on enhancing our player’s development, including technical enhancement of each player’s soccer-specific footwork, ability, and overall enjoyment of the game. We aim to ensure all academy players are comfortable with a ball at their feet and to establish a lifelong love for the game!

Players of academy age are able to absorb positive habits and attitudes, creating fantastic platforms for excellent development further down the soccer road. At WVFC’s Academy Program, we stress player development instead of expecting results. At this age, it’s important to put more significance on the player’s technical and tactical development, rather than creating a “win at all cost” mentality. After all, pushing winning over fostering a fun learning environment can hamper a player’s development.

To achieve our goal, we provide a great training environment for our young players. Along with technical skills development and small-sided games and free play, our licensed coaching staff teaches a special curriculum based on each age group and level of player.Providing locations throughout the region is part of our effort to reach as many players as possible. Along with the possibility of attending up to four sessions per week, our hope is to create a wonderful environment to learn soccer. Our WVFC staff is confident your child will thrive in a setting that encourages creativity and building skill. We believe that through having fun and working hard, our players can improve at great rates!




WVFC’s Travel team aims to provide dedicated team support and education for boys and girls ages 12 to 18. If you have graduated from our Academy, congratulations! If you are looking for a new team to join, welcome!

The Travel team builds on the Academy’s philosophy to achieve the best possible development opportunity and prepare players for an ultimate soccer experience. Once our players advance to the highest level team (age 18), we almost always win the State Cup Championship!

If you are looking for a team that encourages team participation, learning the best way to play soccer, and building lifelong skills, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We pride ourselves on our inclusive, positive environment that is felt throughout the state of West Virginia.